MMR Constructions, warmly presumed creature in the honest estate arena of Andhra Pradesh & Telangana. We are trailblazers in as long as smart, bespoke and eminence properties in Hyderabad house. The set up focus of our concert party is to adhere to excellence principles and in good time giving out as apiece the client’s requirement. Over the years, MMR’s Developers & Builders has prepared with evaluate with a number of pointer projects and production marvels in Hyderabad house. The suburban Apartments and trade belongings by MMR’s Builders & Developers is prized not immediately for forethought and concentration to detail, but too for the perfection in construction. Our beliefs are based on the unshakeable cornerstones of ethics, values, expectation and commitment.

Your houses in Hyderabad is your haven. It is wherein all joys and sorrows are skilled all trials and tribulations taken care of all troubles laid to relaxation. Some are looking for security, whilst a few searching for comfort and some don’t forget it as a vital device to be taken into consideration of a certain social reputation amongst friends. Given the hovering fees of real property, human beings are wont to turn away from investing that kind of cash.
Hyderabad has witnessed a remarkable increase in the truthful estate business, with a boom of mega malls. The prompt progress of the city, all along with the escalation of Secunderabad and neighboring municipalities has resulted in a substantial municipal area. It is cushioned in an incredible background of Kondakal near Shankarapally, individually crafted for the gourmand Hyderabadis. The smart outline of the quarters of MMR’s inhabited plots for rummage sale in Hyderabad ensures that the occupants and likely homeowners take part in ample cosmos in their homes and canister live a grand life. The buy of a house guarantees you have got a space of your own.


To maintain transparency with our Investors, Service Providers and Clients.

To deliver the project in time Focus on new technologies to implement them


To be a leader in the construction sector. Set a name that can instantly reach the people. We aim to provide transparency, integrity and customer satisfaction in every aspect.

Mr. Malyadri Reddy

Founder & Managing Director

Behind MMR Constructions inspiring journey is the vision of one man – A man who had that audacious vision to mark his legacy on the city through this buildings. He was Mr. Malyadri Reddy, the visionary behind the stupendous rise of MMR Constructions. Unlike others, Mr. Malyadri Reddy worked his way up the ladder, learning the nuances and skills of each work in the real estate industry.

Along the way, he realized that a good building had two innate qualities – architectural excellence and honest commitment to the customer. It is this defining idea that permeates through everything at MMR Constructions right from design to delivery, in our employees and the management.